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Q: What is the story with "Waldorf" dolls", I see lots of different dolls that claim to be Waldorf, or Waldorf Inspired?

A: Waldorf Doll originated in Europe many, many years ago and has changed a lot over the years. The dolls are generally made of natural fibers — such as wool, cotton, or linen — from their stuffing to their hair to their clothing. The doll makers use techniques drawing on traditional European doll-making.

Today most Waldorf dolls have full facial features, and the dolls have inspired many "Waldorf Inspired" dolls, like the Polly Dolly Doo Dah Dolls. The true Waldorf dolls are made with only natural products. Wool is used for stuffing, and Cotton is used for the doll skin and clothes.

Q: Why are these dolls so expensive?

A: The materials are expensive, and most of the materials have to be imported from Europe, UK, and Russia, (which is costly) Plus they are also time consuming to make — most doll makers end up making a few dollars an hour when it's all said and done.” Rebecca, mom of four, agreed. “I think they are worth the cost if you look at the time, materials and skills involved in crafting the dolls,” she told us.

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Q: What is special about Waldorf dolls?

A: Waldorf toys are gentle on the senses. They are made of natural materials, have soft features, and are beautiful and soft to touch. Natural materials provide a connection to the natural world. This is a foundation of the education cycle and of rooting a child in the reality of life here on earth.

Q: Are Waldorf dolls washable?

A: Waldorf dolls are generally surface washable only. The best way to wash them is to gently spot clean with a mild soap 

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