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Welcome to Dolls by Robyn! If you love handmade dolls you are in the right place. I am committed to making the most beautiful dolls possible. When I call these dolls "made by Robyn" it means that I created these handmade dolls, it does not mean I wrote the pattern for the Dolls. I buy patterns from all over the world created by Doll Artists to design my dolls. 

I create Natural  Fiber Art Dolls (Waldorf Inspired) , Polly Dolly Doo Pattern Dolls, (Waldorf Inspired), and Crochet Dolls, Tilda Inspired Handmade Dolls and I am sure this list will grow!

I will soon be opening a Funky Bear site, so keep checking back with up!

Miss Haley - Handmade Polly Dolly Doo Dah, (Waldorf Inspired) loving her ripped overalls. My g-daughter is the inspiration for my Polly Doll

I make handmade dolls using only the best quality products, De Witt Engel doll skin, high quality fabrics, and the Natural fiber Art Dolls (Waldorf Inspired) I use only natural products. The dolls measure from 9" tall to 20" tall. These fabric dolls are soft and cuddly . Most of these dolls are  perfect for decoration of a nursery or most any    room in the house. These dolls are can also be      collectable and heirlooms. They make great     presents for children. 

This is Rita , a Handmade Polly Dolly Doo Dahfabric doll, she is fabric doll that is very soft cuddly!

I also create handmade Crochet Dolls'. I use 100% cotton yarn on all my crochet dolls. In the beginning I loved the soft fluffy synthetic yarns, which are great for blankets and such, but with stuffed items,especially dolls, the fluffy yarn stretches out of shape to easy.

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Tilda Dolls

I just love these little handmade Tilda Dolls, these look beautiful in a nursery, and they are awesome baby shower gifts! They range in size from 12 - 16 inches. They will stand on their own, I recommend doll stands as these dolls are so light they knock over easily.

Tilda Doll - Molly
This os a Karmalek Tilda Doll, she is a fabric doll, and 11" tall.
This is a fabric handmade Tilda Doll, she is approx 11-12' tall, she would make a wonderful baby shower gift!
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