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Hi, my name is Robyn, welcome to my website. I live in Oklahoma City, OK, USA. I have 2 grown sons and 9 grandchildren. I have been crafting most of my life, At a young age I remember getting a beautiful cloth or plastics baby doll, and as I grew older I got a beautiful Barbie doll. We were not a family of great  means, I like most kids I wanted more clothes. So my grandmother taught me how to crochet doll clothes, and after that she taught me how sew. The doll I am holding is my first crochet doll. I used too large of gauge and over stuffed...but I lover.


When I was in my late thirties I began collecting Porcelain Dolls .ooh how I fell in love with them. I did have to rehome many of them due to space. But I kept 3 of the bride dolls I loved the most. This doll (the big one on the right) is the love of my life...I have never seen a more beautiful doll. It broke my heart when during a move she got coffee spill on her dress and the cleaners could not get it out, and I love her anyway.

porcelaon dolls5_edited.jpg
porcelian doll-full size.jpg

I started crocheting again in 2018, I made hats for everyone. My oldest g-daughter made a beautiful video of all the girls wearing their hats, I hope to figure out how to post it here. I also love to crochet animals and such for my youngest g-son Westlee 4yrs old. Here he is with two different presents.

And from there I started doll making. I fall in love with every doll I make!

Next I am starting on a new journey to learn a new doll. Like my Polly Dolly Pattern girls, the new Doll is also an inspired Waldorf Doll. I will put more information on Waldorf dolls on the FAQ page. Wish me luck.

Thank you again for visiting my site, if you have any questions please contact me. The fastest way of reaching me is by texting me, or FB messaging.

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